Three Top Reasons WHY You Need A Professional Headshot
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Tuesday, July 04, 2017
By Kellie McCann Photography
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Everyone needs at least one professional headshot today for marketing and branding purposes.  But frequently I see many of those "selfies" or images taken by friends without professional studio lighting popping up on the internet as profile images or links on websites.  Really?  You want those types of photographs representing you and your business.  Why not invest a bit more in is a tax deduction anyway.  Your chances of finding the right clients will rise when you represent yourself as a professional who invests in their own business.  People are more likely to trust you when you put your best face forward with a professional headshot, so why wait?


Still not convinced?  Here are three reasons why you should have your headshot created by a professional:

  • Conveys a Look of Professionalism. First impressions are vital in today's world of electronic media.  People quickly click away from a site if it does not hold their interest.  A bad headshot or having no headshot at all increases the chance of a potential client moving on to the next website.  You want to present yourself and your business as professional and current with the times.  The wrong image could project the wrong message.
  • Headshots are EVERYWHERE. Websites, social media, blog, business cards.  Just face it, you need one today, there's nothing else to say.
  • Measures Success.  Spending time and money on images for your headshot is a symbol of success.  By investing in yourself, it shows clients or potential clients, you have the means to invest in them.  People want to be associated with people who are successful! Invest in your next headshot, it will reap rewards for you and your business.



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