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Wednesday, April 20, 2016
By Kellie McCann Photography
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Visualizing the Right Size Portraits for Your Home

At Kellie McCann Photography, we use special software to show our clients exactly what their portraits will look like on the actual walls of their homes.  This is a great tool as most of our Hilton Head family beach portrait clients are here on vacation from Ohio, Tennessee, Texas....pretty much any state in the US...but rarely from Hilton Head.  Being a studio that prides itself in decorating homes with portrait art galleries, this tool is essential as I will never see my clients home in person, but can help them visualize their images on their walls while in my Bluffton portrait studio.

So how do you know what size is the RIGHT size portrait for the walls of YOUR home?  Easy! No guessing here if that 16x20 will fill the space correctly over your mantel...and from my experience, it probably will not...so it may make more sense to select a framed 30x40 for that space instead.

With the steps outlined below, all you need to do is take a few photos of your walls where you think you may like to display your wall portraits and send them to us prior to your view and order appointment.  When you come in we will be ready to show you your art on the walls of your home...even though it may be across the country!

We are able to custom design your portrait art with your decor style, colors and lifestyle in mind.  Feel great about your decisions when you see your wall concepts "finished" in our state of the art design software before you purchase.

After all, we want your portraits to look their very best displayed in your home.  With years of experience designing wall spaces for our clients, this tool is invaluable to creating a professionally designed art space of your family portraiture....and it is FUN too!

Once you have taken the photos of your walls where you would like your artwork, please email them to Kellie@KellieMcCann.com prior to your view and order appointment.

You will be amazed in how helpful this is during our appointment!

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Kellie McCann - Aw thanks Sandy! The Gerber Family ROCKS!
Sandy Gerber - Thank you for the information Kellie. We are looking forward to having our family portraits done again on the beach and in the Savannah squares this summer! You are truly the best!!
Sandy Gerber