Hilton Head Photographer : Maggie's Senior Portraits
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Tuesday, September 13, 2016
By Kellie McCann Photography
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Hilton Head Senior Portraits on the Beach!

Hilton Head, known for its beautiful beaches, is the perfect location for family and high school senior portraits.  Every year I work with portrait clients, creating unique and beautiful wall portraiture for their home.  


Maggie featured below, is a high school senior from Ohio.  She chose to have her senior portraits created on Hilton Head as her family visits the island frequently and has fond memories here at the beach growing up.


Her beach portraits will definitely be unique to those of her classmates that had their senior portraits created in Ohio.


Each year I work with high school seniors from outside of South Carolina, most are upcoming high school seniors that come from Ohio, Tennesse, or Pennsylvania.  They travel to Hilton Head Island to create images that are unique as they are.


The senior year of high school is one of the most important milestones in your child's' life.  It's about celebrating who they are and the young adults they are turning into. Celebrate this time with unique portraits that will live on in your home after that senior is out the door...away at college.  Those images will be displayed proudly in your home...and remind you of that child each time you walk by, even though they are far away.


Reserve your high school senior portrait session in advance so we can plan an experience that you will never forget!


"Kellie has a passion for photography and it shows in her work!"--Kim P., Mother of Maggie


"Kellie McCann was a wonderful choice for my daughter's senior portraits. She captured some truly gorgeous shots of the sunset in the background of our beach pictures. My daughter had a blast getting the shots and so many came out "perfect" it was hard to choose the best.

Kellie went above and beyond (even laying in the sand) to get just the right angle. Thanks Kellie McCann!!!!"

-Kim P, Reviews on YELP / Facebook


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To reserve your child's senior portrait session on Hilton Head Island.

Hilton Head Photographer, Kellie McCann specializes in family beach portraits,  Headshots, high school senior portraits –On location or at her Bluffton portrait studio location.

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