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Friday, May 06, 2016
By Kellie McCann Photography
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Create Brand Value With Employee Profile Photos

Do you display professional headshots on your marketing material of all your team members?  Better yet, are the images cohesive across your brand?

It’s no secret that companies need to network and connect in order to stay competitive in the global economy. Forward-thinking companies leverage everyone’s online presence to tell a cohesive story, starting with great photos.

A great headshot will showcase confidence and expertise of your employees and company overall.  It is also an integral part of a cohesive brand strategy for your business. Using a “bad” photo of your employees could drive away potential clients by creating a lack of confidence in what you do.

There is no avoiding it in today’s digital age, employee photos impact your brand.  Is it time for a makeover of your company’s visual presence?  If so we can help!  Contact Kellie for a free consult.  We offer individual headshot sessions, on-location sessions for your whole team and can even accommodate on-site studio set up at conventions to capture of all your long distance employees in one convenient location.

The image above was created for Lou, a new salesman at H2 Builders.  To match the company's brand with past headshots, we photographed Lou at the Bluffton Headshot Studio on a black background to match his coworker's image.


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