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Friday, September 13, 2013
By Kellie McCann Photography
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It’s been a very busy summer here at Kellie McCann Photography…time to catch up on the blog with our 2013 Hilton Head Family beach portrait sessions!


Every portrait session has its own vibe, which is what keeps my job so interesting and fulfilling.  But the best part of the job is the unpredictability of my younger clients,  they say the most amusing things!  For instance, the five-year-old in this beach portrait told his mom, “I didn’t agree to do this” during our Hilton Head portrait session. So cute what children may say to get out of their family portrait session! With a bit of encouragement, we did get him to pose with his brother and captured these portraits for mom to give to their dad as a surprise 50th birthday gift…this weekend in fact.


Mom Facebooked me today:  “Kellie, I received the photographs in the mail today.  Words can’t describe how amazing they are.  The shots are stunning and I can't wait to surprise my husband this weekend for his 50th Birthday!  Thanks again for a job that exceeded all my expectations (despite a five-year-old who “didn’t agree to get them taken”).  They are so sweet, I almost cried.  I just hope I can hold off until Sunday.”


Despite the “disagreement” to be photographed,  I think we pulled it off well.  What a great birthday gift, I hope Dad loves the images of his family!


"Kellie is an amazing photographer who looks to make her clients happy as well as continue the high standard she sets for herself. I was very anxious after leaving the beach since my 5-year-old was not cooperating. As I sat and watched the slide show, my anxiety was replaced with joy. Kellie did an amazing job getting plenty of good pictures of all of us. I would highly recommend Kellie McCann Photography to my friends who are looking for someone to capture their special moments. She did a wonderful job working with us and I love the photographs!"

Denise Moore, IL

Hilton Head Photographer, Kellie McCann specializes in Headshots, family portraits, high school senior portraits and children’s portraits--On location or at her Bluffton portrait studio location.


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