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Monday, February 25, 2019
By Kellie McCann Photography
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Feeling worn down today as I sit here attempting to write yet another boring blog post on "the top five reasons to have your headshot created"...going in circles as I've done it before...how to make this post original when its been over done by all the business blogs, headshot photographers and branding specialists out there.  I could just simply pick a few and copy and paste in a plagiaristic way...I figure if someone genuinely wants to know the reasons why they need a new headshot, google can tell them.


Instead, today I will outline the top five reasons to hire my studio for your next headshot experience:



  • CONTROLLED Environment.  Was your last headshot created on a windy day or at high noon with the sun blaring as you squint and sweat?  Not at my studio!  We have a no sun, no wind environment to ensure that natures wrath will not effect your headshot.  This also helps when you send you staff in for their headshots.  The images are in turn consistent and work well together with your brand.  The studio is located in Down town Bluffton and is convenient for most to stop on in during their lunch hour. (appointment required)


  • Shooting TETHERED.  Meaning, as we work together on creating your professional headshot, we will see your images in REAL TIME on the computer screen.  No waiting a week for proofs to be delivered and then notice you had lipstick on your teeth or ALFALFA hair.  We value YOUR time and know that you have made the time in your schedule for this investment in your brand.  We want to make sure its right the FIRST time around for you.


  • Coaching with POSING.  Most clients find the posing part to be the most challenging of the headshot session.  Rest assured, I am here to help you.  I will even send you videos in advance of posing techniques I will use in the studio with you.  Now posing may feel weird...but it will look good, and remember we are tethered so you will see the end results of the crazy posing I'm asking you to do but then will understand that yes, it does really work!


  • CLOTHING Suggestions.  I ask my clients to bring in multiple tops, ties  & jackets for their headshot session.  Bring in your whole closet if you like.  I'm there to help you decide on the best options.  Your idea of your "favorite shirt" may not work as well in a professional image as another you bring in.  Details are what I'm looking at...how does it fit, how does the collar lay, does your jewelry add or take away from the image.  


  • Professional LIGHTING.  Natural light is not always the answer.  My studio is equipped with five studio strobes as well as numerous lighting modifiers.  I made the investment years back with studio lighting as I feel that it can produce images that look more polished and professional than on location with no lighting or modifiers.  You do want to look your best...right?


Now if you are still a bit unsure as to why you should invest in my studio for your next Social Media or business card sized headshot, take a look at these popular locals who have used Kellie McCann's headshots for HUGE billboards!  Yes, my images in the past year to current date have appeared on Mike Hostilo's billboards, website and at the end of his tv commercials.  Mary Jordan, local Hilton Head Island workers compensation lawyer and Vaux Marscher Berglind Attorneys in Bluffton have used their headshot images as well in their billboard, website and branding materials.


Oh, by the way, here is a "Top Three Reasons Why you Need a Professional Headshot" post I did in 2017... just in case you needed a few of those without searching Google ;)


Ready for you next headshot?  Stop procrastinating and have yours created today for your next business card, or even billboard!

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